Clamp Mounting

Clamp Mounting - Shower curtain fastener ALBERT


clevershower has successfully tested all commercially available and/or standard round shower rods Ø 18-25mm to find out whether they are suitable for clamp mounting. However, it cannot be excluded that there are niche products on the market. You can check this by measuring the distance between the wall and the shower rod. Please contact us if your shower rod has dimensions outside the specified range. In this case, we will supply you with the appropriate swivel feet for your shower rod.



Shower rods Ø Min. distance (a) Max. distance (a)
18 mm 3.2 cm 6.0 cm
22 mm 2.9 cm 6.0 cm
25 mm 2.6 cm 6.0 cm





* The clamping system is not suitable for polygonal, oval or Ø>25mm shower rods.