Product Information

Product Information - Shower curtain fastener ALBERT

  • All round splash protectionclevershower-info.jpg
    Tiles do not get calcified owing to splash water
    No mould fungus on silicone joints owing to splash water
    Subsequent re-wiping or dry-rubbing of tiles or shower wall not necessary
  • either clamp fastening on your existing shower rod
    very easy to mount without drilling in a few minutes only
    for all round shower rods with a diameter between 18 and 25 mm
    safe grip thanks to integrated support elements
  • or alternative fastening variants
    mounting with adhesive kit from “nie wieder bohren” →videoprinciple
    mounting with dowel kit
  • designed for two commercially available textile shower curtains
    simple cleaning of the textile shower curtain in the washing machine
    recommended shower curtain combination 120 x 200 cm + 180 x 200 cm
    longitudinal & horizontal mounting for bath tubs
  • made in Germany (designed & manufactured)
    innovative quality product
    high-quality chrome plated steel tube construction (Ø18 x 1,5 mm)
    stainless thanks to stainless steel accessories
    patent application with the German Patent and Trademark Office