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Due to the frequently occurring problems using drills, wall plugs and all sorts of tools, installing a shower curtain can be quite a troublesome and disagreeable task. Not to mention the quite unattractive holes in walls and tiles, the eventually instable construction and the high number of working hours one invested into installing the shower curtain while one could easily have spent one's time in a much more beautiful way.
And what will the landlord say?

Thanks to clevershower, you can now forget about all those problems. The clever shower curtain rack can be installed completely without drilling and offers you a lot of additional advantages. Let the silver medal-winner from the international inventors fair iENA 2001 convince you and stop battling with installing shower curtains for ever!

A shower curtain installed with clevershower is the ideal splash guard, offering all around, no-compromise protection. With clevershower, limescale on surrounding tiles as well as mold on silicone joints caused by splash water will belong to the past. Thanks to clevershower, you do not even need to dry the shower after using it because the all around splash protection prevents water from flooding the areas outside the shower curtain.

The complete range of clevershower products consists of quality merchandise that is designed and produced in Germany. The innovative concept, the high-value and durable construction consisting of chrome-plated steel pipe as well as the stainless material has already inspired countless customers.
Clevershower is also patent pending at the German patent office.

Anyone being tired of the conventional installation of standard shower curtains will consider clevershower the perfect solution to his problem. As there are several ways of installing a new shower curtain with clevershower, they will be briefly introduced in the following.

Clamp fastening on your existing shower bar
The easiest way of installing clevershower makes use of a thing that already exists in almost every bathroom, namely the shower bar. Within only a few minutes, clevershower can be installed on vertical slide bars of 18 to 25 millimeters in diameter - which is easy as pie and bomb-proof! Thanks to the integrated supports, clevershower offers the shower curtain a maximum of hold and splash protection for the whole surrounding area.

Installing clevershower using a glue dot kit
In case the installation of a shower bar is impossible or unwanted, another way of installing clevershower might be more suitable. With the help of a special glue dot kit containing highly adhesive glue dots, it is possible to install clevershower on the wall or on the tiles. For this, you will need special glue and an adapter to install clevershower permanently, but after the glue has dried, you will not have to worry any more about the stability of your shower curtain. The glue stands even the highest pressure but stays flexible and is easy to remove at the same time, which is ideal in case you live in a rented apartment.

Installation using a wall plug kit
The third way to install clevershower is based on a classic wall plug kit. However, this method requires that holes are drilled in the wall and/or in the tiles. That is why this method is only recommended in case the other two methods are cannot be used.

By the way:
The installation of clevershower does not require a special shower curtain - two standard fabric shower curtains, one 120 cm wide and 200 cm long and the other one 180 cm wide and 200 cm long, are absolutely sufficient. These shower curtains can be easily and hygienically cleaned in the washing machine. Installing clevershower above bathtubs is possible in all angles.

Say goodbye to the annoying installation procedures linked to standard shower curtains and handle the problem quickly in only a few minutes! The absolutely easy and uncomplicated installation of clevershower will make you wonder why you have not tried this system before. Just try it and convince yourself!